2017 Read Harder Challenge

24 tasks that expand your reading life and push you to read things you may typically not pick up. Read more about it here.

I am going to use this challenge to help me accomplish a couple of my reading goals for the year. Namely, increasing my POC author percentage and my author nationality diversity. So that is why at least 20 (but hopefully more like 22) of the books I choose for this challenge will be written by POC authors, and at least 10 written by authors outside of the United States/United Kingdom/Canada. This is how I will read harder, read wider, and expand my end of the year book data.

Read Harder 2017

Read Harder 2017

Host: Book Riot
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1 January, 2017 — 31 December, 2017
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 Task List:

  1. Book about Sports
  2. Debut Novel Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed (Pakistan-American)
  3. Book about Books
  4. Set in Central/South America, Written by a Central/South American author
  5. Book by an Immigrant or about Immigration American Street by Ibi Zoboi (Haitian)
  6. An All-Ages Comic/Graphic Story: A Game for Swallows by Zeina Abirached (Lebanese)
  7. Book Published between 1900-1950
  8. A Travel Memoir
  9. Reread a Book
  10. A Book set within 100 miles
  11. A Book further than 5000 miles away
  12. Fantasy
  13. Nonfiction book about Technology
  14. Book about War
  15. YA/MG with LGBTQIA author
  16. Read a Banned/Challenged Book
  17. Classic book written by POC
  18. Superhero comic with female lead
  19. POC character goes on spiritual journey
  20. LGBTQ Romance
  21. Book Published at a MicroPress Becoming Unbecoming by Una (United Kingdom)
  22. Collection of Stories by A Woman
  23. Collection of Poetry in Translation
  24. A Book with all POV as POC