What I’m Watching {3}

What I’m Watching is feature where I spotlight what I have been watching recently. Whether it be Movies, Television, or Documentaries, this is a space where I will feature what I have become obsessed with or what I just didn’t like at all! Television and Film are a major part of my life, too, and I just want them to be represented on my blog as well!

Well, March was a lost blogging month for me. So this post will encompass all the awesome things I watched over the last two months (and that is quite a lot)! This past week alone I have watched 11 movies! Crazy! So here are some of the good, the bad, and the rewatches!


New Releases:

Central Intelligence: Well this was quite humorous. Stupid funny. The Rock and Kevin Hart are a duo I could watch again and again.

Hacksaw Ridge: With all of my knowledge of WWII, they don’t really focus on how much we fought on Japanese soil, too. I like learning new things through film, and I like how this film both shows the horrors of war and the beauty of conviction & bravery.

Get Out: YASSSSSS. So much truth. So incredibly awesome. Creepy as hell. The experience was unforgettable ❤

Beauty and the Beast: Simply stunning. All of the new music was beautiful. I wish they could have made it look a little less CGI and taken the autotune down a notch, but honestly, I still loved it.

Power Rangers: Haters are probably gonna hate, but I FREAKIN’ LOVED THIS MOVIE! It is not very often that I come out of a movie and immediately want to watch it again. It was just THAT GOOD!

The Girl on the Train: I mean it was fine. This film managed to make this story kinda dull. The thrill of the story development was lost. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH.

Split: M. Night is back for real. James McAvoy = completely and utterly brilliant.

Train to Busan: Please save this beautiful child. I need to watch more South Korean films. The two I have watched are brilliant and so well-done. I never thought I would sob during a zombie film. But here you go…I did during this one.

The Edge of Seventeen: I’m not even sure how to put into words how this film made me feel. But I was crying without realizing it and smiling without thinking about it and relating to Nadine 100%. Yay for a Korean love interest. Woody Harrelson is the educator I strive to be. Minus half a star for use of “retarded”. (Write better, people!)


Akeelah and the Bee: These are the stories that need to be told. Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in every day life. This film is beautiful and well-depicted.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging: This was a rewatch for me. I freakin’ love Louise Rennison’s Georgia series. This film really does the story justice. It perfectly captures these characters and all of their nuances on screen. Love forever!

The Green Inferno: A couple of things about this:

  • In the first three minutes characters said “retarded” and “gay” as insulting descriptors. Like, could we not use other words? I despise people using this type of language in conversation. We can make characters better. Good grief.
  • Scenery was really pretty.
  • Definitely did not shy away from the gruesome aspect. I couldn’t watch some of it.
  • I’m honestly not really sure what the point was. What was the film trying to say? White Americans should be afraid of “the natives?” The Amazon is a scary place? Peruvians are mean? I don’t know….

At the end of the day, not worth anything.

I Love You, Man: This was all sorts of adorable and hilarious. Bromance for the win! Extremely enjoyable.

Sisters: I do love their chemistry. This film itself was moderately entertaining.

Miss You Already: All. The. Feels. Friendship to the max. Made me cry much more than I was expecting it to, not because it was a “cancer film” but because everything about this film was so REAL.

10 Things I Hate About You: High school movie brilliancy! Also, I miss Heath. (This, too, was a rewatch.)

Magic Mike: For a film about male strippers, it was a little too choppy.


The Killing (Seasons 1-4): Super dark, super twisted. A crime show that is more about the cops than about the crimes themselves. The character development is outstanding. Definitely worth a short binge on Netflix.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 13): Finally caught up with this past season. Still great.

House of Cards (Seasons 1-2): Currently working my way through this. This show is so intricate, but I love how it subtly builds and builds. Definitely going to keep watching.

Vampire Diaries (Final Season): Not gonna lie, this was kind of perfect. Beautiful, even. Every character’s story ended just the way it should have (except Bonnie deserves more, always).

The 100 (Season 4): I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this season after all that happened last season. But I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the story has continued to develop. Plus, Bellamy is my fave.

Survivor: Game Changers: This may be the most intense season I have ever watched. It has made me cry (a reality TV show). I’m not sure where this is going to go next, but I am there.

What have you been watching lately? Anything good you want to recommend?

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