What I’m Watching {2}

What I’m Watching is feature where I spotlight what I have been watching recently. Whether it be Movies, Television, or Documentaries, this is a space where I will feature what I have become obsessed with or what I just didn’t like at all! Television and Film are a major part of my life, too, and I just want them to be represented on my blog as well!

So I have been watching a lot of movies lately. And many of them have been pretty darn fantastic! I have actually been watching more movies than TV here recently, which is a little odd for me. But I’m not complaining.

Since Oscar season is around the corner, I have been trying to watch the movies that are up for awards or have won recent awards. So that’s why my New section is more New(ish).


New(ish) Releases:

Sing: This was a cute movie about following your dreams, even when they seem impossible. It was funny, there was good music, and there was a singing elephant. You know I am always there for that!

Denial: A film that means even more now than it did when it was released. A true story of how the Freedom of Speech does not mean you can lie and not be held accountable. I don’t know how I grew up in Atlanta and had never heard about this case, but I fascinated by information-based court cases. Also, seeing how the English justice system works was pretty intriguing. Rachel Weisz does a great job of embodying the spirit of hope and the fight for the voiceless.

Confirmation: On point.This serves as a sad reminder that, in 2017, we still treat sexual harassment and assault like we did in 1991. We put the victim on trial.Thank you to this film for shedding light on the realities of sexual harassment.

Don’t Breathe:Pretty freakin’ brilliant. It was intense, the sound editing and mixing was on point, and I literally didn’t know where it was going to end. It kept me guessing and then some. Suspenseful and worth watching.

Snowden: Great portrayal of a very sensitive subject. It definitely takes a stance on the matter, but it does so with grace. Based on what I know of this (from the documentary and other news sources), it seemed like a very accurate biopic. Thank you Snowden.

The Shallows: Jaws for the 21st century? Good suspense, good sound editing and mixing, good shark scenes. Overall a pretty solid animal horror film in a beautiful setting.

Deepwater Horizon: Puts a very human face to an environmental catastrophe. Very well done. A compassionate balance between the explosive catastrophe and the emotional experiences of the oil rig workers. Bravo to Mark Wahlberg and Gina Rodriguez.


Joy: This was pretty stunning, both visually and acting wise. David Russell does it again. He took a very mundane story and made it completely brilliant. This may be my favorite J-Law performance to date!

The Cell: This is one of those films I have wanted to watch since it came out but just never had. But then it popped up on HBO so I finally could. This is such a weird film, nothing like what I thought it would be. But I liked it. I liked the concept, I liked that all the scary, messed up stuff happened on the subconscious level. I liked that there was a thriller element and a horror element. Very interesting indeed.


24: Legacy : 24 is one of my all-time favorite shows. So to see a reboot of it both excites me and scares me. But the first couple of episodes have been pretty solid!

How To Get Away With Murder: Finally caught up with this latest season. Y’all, who was under the sheet made me sad. But I will keep watching because Viola Davis is a Queen!

Sherlock: Why yes, I did rewatch the first three seasons again before watching the recent new episodes. Pretty much in one weekend. Because why not?

The People vs OJ Simpson: This was a very eye-opening series for me. I learned a lot and it made me think a lot. I still don’t know what I think about it, but that’s okay I think. But the acting is phenomenal.

What have you been watching lately? Anything good you want to recommend?

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