About Me.

2015-02-17 15.13.18Hi! I’m Jennifer! I am a high school library media specialist in Alabama. I have a passion for many things, including but not limited to:


TV/Movies/Sports (South Carolina fan through and through….GO GAMECOCKS!)


Macaroni and Cheese

Videogames (Old School, preferably SNES)

Team Mystic. Ravenclaw. My Patronus is a White Stallion.

About This Librarian

If you were to ask any of my friends to describe me in a couple of words, the words “passionate” and “crazy” would probably be pretty popular answers. I am the type of person that, when I find something I love, I go CRAZY WITH ENTHUSIASM (and ALL CAPS)! I am a jump-up-and-down-er, a “SQUEEEE”-er, a cheerer, and a dancer when I discover something so incredibly awesome that I just can’t keep quiet! A majority of the time, this is usually about stories. I have always been a lover of stories. I remember reading books with my parent and grandparents when I was younger. I remember watching movies and TV shows, waiting for the next part of the story because I needed it. I remember playing through story-mode video games with my Grandmother, always waiting to see what we would have to do next. Stories are (and have always been) my life, and it is has always been the driving force behind my passion.

I am a person who loves hanging out and doing and going and trying, but at the end of the day let me be home in my bed (and sometimes during the day, too!). I want to travel and to see things and to experience different lives, but at my core I am a homebody. That is probably why I read so many books and watch so much TV.

My husband and I have many common passions, which is really convenient. We both love music (he was a music major and now sings in a barbershop quartet, I will always be a band nerd), mostly film scores. We both enjoy going to our local Dollar Movie Theatre and watching movies together. Recently we have gotten into comic books, which has been a great hobby to enjoy together. And now our apartment is filled with books, records, AND comics!

Why I am a School Library Media Specialist

Many people have asked me how I chose the life of a librarian. Honestly, I just kind of stumbled into it. From a young age I knew that I wanted to do something with my life that would help and serve people. When I was looking at colleges as a high school senior, I was looking for programs that would give me the best opportunity to do that. When I found Samford University’s Family Studies program, I knew that I found exactly what I was looking for. That program would prepare me to do all types of helping careers, including youth and family counseling. I knew that was what I was supposed to do. Until I took my Intro to Counseling course and realized that counseling was WAY too constraining for me. That was not the way I saw myself helping people.

It was around that time that I started working at Samford’s library in the reference department. I worked in the Interlibrary Loan department and staffed the reference desk two nights a week. At some point during my two years of working there it finally clicked…a LIBRARIAN! Librarians help people in their time of need, are their simply to support patrons, all while working in a welcoming environment. The more I thought about it, the more that career path just fit me so well. I could be that listening ear and that helping hand for people and work in a field that encompasses many of my passions: books, reading, learning, and research.

After I graduated, I spent two years as a library page at two different public libraries, learning all I could about the different positions and responsibilities of a librarian. In Fall of 2013, while still working part-time as a library assistant in nonfiction, I started my MLIS program at the University of Alabama, where many of the great librarians in my life got their degrees. Even when I started my degree, I wasn’t 100% sure of my track focus. I knew I wanted to work with children and teens, but I didn’t know in which setting I wanted that to be. After talking with a couple of children’s and teen librarians that I respect, I decided to follow the school library track (for both of them, their biggest regret was not taking all of the classes to give them that potential certification). As soon as I got in my first School Library classes, I KNEW that is what I wanted to do. School librarianship is amidst a large change, focusing on learning, technology and 21st century skills. And, of course, providing students with great books! And here I am, at a high school, where I can help students with all of these things!

And you know what I have learned after working in libraries for the last 6 years? Librarians are counselors. 🙂

About A Librarian’s Library

When I started this blog back in 2011, it was solely a book reviewing blog. I wanted a place of my own where I could talk about all things books. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about the books I was reading, and I wanted to become a part of the book blogging community. My hope was to be someone in this community, like the bloggers I read on a daily basis. But I learned that THAT was not what blogging was about.

This blog has always been, and will always be, about sharing my passions. As I have continued to blog, I have added more passions other than just books. I talk about ALL of my favorite things, including books, TV, movies, music, libraries, education, learning, technology, and probably many more to come. I will continue to share my ideas and passions with whoever stumbles across this blog, because that is why I created it to begin with.