2015 Reading Summary


2015 was a strange reading year for me. I just didn’t read as much as I have over the past few years. But that didn’t really bother me. And even though I may not have read as much, I definitely feel like I read widely. I experienced a lot of really fantastic stories. So, while my numbers may be down, my quality was high.

So, here are some totals:

Total Books Read: 157
Total Pages Read: 37,607
Total Minutes Listened To: 13,889

About the Authors/Illustrators


2015 New vs Old Authors

2015 Gender of Authors (Total)

I thought it was a little strange that I read more male than female authors. But then I realized that many of the comics (especially Cape comics) have all male teams. So out of curiosity, I removed all of the graphic novels and comics and analyzed just my books and audiobooks.

2015 Gender of Authors (Without Comics)

This graph makes much more sense to my general reading habits.

2015 Author Nationalities2015 Diversity of Authors

My percentage of diverse authors improved by an additional 10% from last year. That being said, I still feel that I need to do better. This year I will really be intentionally seeking diverse authors, not just diverse stories.

About the Books

 2015 Age Group

2015 Type of Book

I knew that I read a lot of comics and graphic novels this year, but I didn’t realize that it was literally half of my reading. Not that it’s bad…I really enjoyed all the comics I read!

Also, 20 of the books I read or listened to this year were digital copies. This is a high number for me! And after this year, I can really see my digital number going WAY up next year. I am kind of obsessed with reading on my new iPad! 😉

2015 Source of Book

This was a surprising stat for me. I just felt that I read more things not from the library, but apparently not. 92%?!?!?!?! This statistic tells me that I DESPERATELY need read at least 1 book I own but haven’t read per month next year. Because I have many of those 😉

2015 Fiction vs Nonfiction

I am proud of myself. I actually read nonfiction this year! I read 22 total nonfiction books, including 6 informational nonfiction books. I typically find myself attracted to memoirs, but the fact that I read 6 non-memoir nonfiction this year is crazy to me! I think this will be a trend that will continue in 2016, because nonfiction is kind of cool!

2015 Genres

I was surprised at how much of my reading was Sci-Fi/Horror until I realized just how many comics I read this year. A majority of them were superhero comics, which fall under Sci-Fi. My genre breakdown is interesting this year. Next year, I want to even it out a little bit more and experience more of the genres I don’t naturally lean to.

2015 new reads vs rereads

2015 Series vs Standalone

I found this statistic interesting too. I am surprised that I read so many stand alones! I am proud of that!

2015 Voices

I am really glad that I added this statistic to my spreadsheet. I think it is n interesting way to look at my reading habits. YA lit is dominated by female voices, so it doesn’t surprise me that I read 66 books this year with a female voice. I am a little surprised to see that I am at almost 20% male only. Next year I want to make sure I read more of them, because all of the ones I picked up this year I loved!

2015 Diverse Stories

This is what I really focused on with my reading in 2015, and I am happy to say it was a major success! Over 50% of the books I read were diverse stories or starred diverse characters! In more specifics, I read 55 books with characters of color, 25 books with LGBTQIA characters (10 L, 10 G, 3 B, 1 T, 1 I), and 32 books with characters with disabilities or dealing with mental illness. I am proud of this stat and want to continue with my 50% diverse trend for next year!


So, that’s a wrap for 2015! I am already excited for my reading life next year! Here’s to even more great reading in 2016!

Curious about my spreadsheet? Here is a link to examples on a replica of my sheet! Enjoy, and Happy Reading!



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  1. This just makes me want to actually keep up with my reading spreadsheet this year.

    I need to read more books on my Kindle. I have declared 2016 the year that I read the Kindle version if it’s available at the library versus the paper version. I swear I only use it at the beginning or end of the year (or if there’s NOT a paper version available).

    1. Yeah, I think I am about to do a very similar thing. I am loving the experience and convenience (and lack of fines) that comes with reading from Overdrive. I think that will happen quite frequently for me this year as well. I think my digital number will go WAY up this year!